A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Bring It Home To Daisy is a 2-D Platform Game developed by Little Author Games (LAG), a University based team in Coleraine.

You take the role of Dimitri and you are given the simple task of delivering a flower to your daughter, Daisy, but is everything as it really seems? Walk through this game and find out what it's really like in the home life of this family.

Created by: Conor Butcher, Louis Field, John Forson and David Kennedy


Bring It Home To Daisy.exe 3 MB


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Hi quobodup,

Thanks for playing our game! In order to fully understand the concept of the game and the purpose of the green gem, the player must complete all levels. When you touch Daisy you are not dying but instead progressing to the next level as you have successfully brought the flower home to Daisy.